Geraldine Roberts Medal

Geraldine Roberts Medal

This medal is awarded for the best scientific poster at the Annual Conference.

Year: 2015
Recipient:  Mary Stapleton.
Institution: Coombe Women & Infant’s University Hospital.
Poster Title:Preanalytical Delays and Gestational Diabetes.

Year: 2014
Recipient:  Melissa Jones.
Institution: Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.
Poster Title:Evaluation of novel cardiac biomarkers in the detection of subclinical anthracycline-mediated cardiac side effects.

Year: 2013
Recipient:  Alice O’Brien.
Institution: Cork University Hospital.
Poster Title:Pharmacogenetic study to investigate the influence of genetic variants on warfarin response during anticoagulation initiation in an Irish population.

Year: 2012
Recipient:  Dr. Graham Lee.
Institution: Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.
Poster Title: Generating method-specific reference ranges -A harmonious outcome?

Year: 2011
Recipient:  Ms. Lucille Kavanagh–Wright.
Institution: St. Vincent’s University Hospital.
Poster Title: Enzymatic creatinine assay is preferable to Jaffè assay for monitoring renal function in patients being treated with cefoxitin.

Year: 2010
Recipient:  Dr. Vivion Crowley.
Institution: St. James’s Hospital.
Poster Title: Development of mutation detection assays for FDB and Type III Hyperlipidaemia using PCR and direct nucleotide sequencing.

Year: 2009
Recipient:  Ms. Anne–Marie Curtin.
Institution: Mid–Western Regional Hospital, Limerick.
Poster Title: Urine protein electrophoresis: Comparison of agarose gel and capillary zone electrophoretic techniques.

Year: 2008
Recipient: Dr. Tomás Carroll
Institution: RCSI Education and Research Centre, Beaumont Hospital.
Poster Title: Prevalence of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency in Ireland.

Year: 2007
Recipient: Eleanor Lardner
Institution: Biochemistry Dept, University Hospital Galway.
Poster Title: Vitamin D Status in a Healthy Female Population