This years’ ACBI Training Day is being run in collaboration with the EFLM. The ACBI are hosting an EFLM Postgraduate course on the topic of Mastering Scientific Article writing. Three expert speakers will deliver this highly interactive course. Due to the interactive nature of the course, places are limited to 35 on a first come first served basis.


Thursday 19th October 2023
  • Morning Session
    Introductory lectures of about 20 minutes each. • Types of articles (Original article, reviews, meta-analysis, editorial, position paper, opinion paper, technical report...) • Getting a strong start: What and how to write the Introduction section? • Writing a successful Materials and Methods section: Study design, sample size, inclusion- exclusion criteria, suitable analytical methods, choosing the appropriate statistical method • How to use bioinformatics in your writing? • Best practices in writing the Results section: How are the results made understandable? Selecting and making appropriate tables, graphics, figures and more... • Discussion- what and how to write? • Title, index words, abstract- what and how to write? • Considerations for selecting a target journal for your manuscript • Writing the cover letter • Software that facilitates article writing: Bibliographic (Mendeley, EndNote, Zotero etc.), Writing ethics (Turnitin, Ithenticate, related websites etc.), Writing skills (Grammarly, Microsoft Word's grammar- checker etc.) • Manuscript revision process
  • Afternoon Session
    Discussions and group work The participants will work closely together in groups of 5-7. The small group works will be structured by the course organizers and will include writing and/or critically analyzing a given manuscript. The educators will rotate amongst the groups for advice on request of the members of the groups. At the end of this period, each group will give short reports to the big group and there will be general discussion.
Ferhan Sağın

Ferhan Sağın

M.D., Ph.D.

Chair, Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) Education Committee
Vice-chair, Turkish Biochemical Society & Turkish Biochemical Society Academy
Ege University Medical Faculty, Dept. of Medical Biochemistry
Ferhan Sagin is a Professor of Medical Biochemistry at Ege University Medical Faculty; Izmir, Türkiye. After
being in active research for 15 years, she moved her main focus to education and training of young
scientists (however still continuing some research as well).
She was involved with international organizations such as International Association of Medical Science
Educators (IAMSE) where she also served on the Executive Board.
Prof. Sagin is the Chair of the FEBS Education Committee (since 2019 and currently serving her second
term) and member of the IUBMB Education Committee as well as EFLM Green Labs Task Force. She is also
the co-chair of the Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS) since 2015 and chair of the TBS Academy.
She has delivered more than 200 national & international talks on education and soft skills training (writing
articles, oral presentations, project writing, etc.)

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Luciane Vieira de Mello

Luciane Vieira de Mello


Member, Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) Education Committee
Editor, FEBS OpenBio Education section
University of Liverpool, School of Life Sciences
Luciane V Mello is a Professor of Biosciences Education at the University of Liverpool, UK. After being in
active research for 10-15 years, she moved her main focus to education and training. She teaches
bioinformatics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
Prof. Mello is the Chair of the UK Biochemical Society Training Theme Panel and the deputy chair of the
Education Committee (2018 – current).
Prof Mello is the editor for the FEBS OpenBio Education section, and also acted as associate editor for
the Developing Academic Practice Journal (University of Liverpool, 2019-2022) and guest-editor for the
Esssay in Biochemistry (Education special issue, 2022).
Prof. Mello is a Principal Fellow of the Advanced HE (Higher Education Academy), and has been
recognised by four Teaching Awards: 2013 and 2016 Excellence in Teaching and the 2015/16 Sir Alistair
Pilkington, and 2019 Biochemical Society Teaching Excellence.

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Muhittin Serdar

Muhittin Serdar

M.D., Specialist in Clinical Chemistry, EuSpLM

Vice-chair, Turkish Biochemical Society Academy
Director, Acıbadem-ClinLab Laboratory
Acıbadem University Medical Faculty, Dept. of Medical Biochemistry
Dr. Muhittin A. Serdar attended medical school at Gülhane School of Medicine (GATA) in 1990. He then
went on to complete a Medical Biochemistry residency. He became a Professor in 2014 and is currently a
Medical Biochemistry at Acıbadem University. In addition, Dr. Serdar works as a director in the
Acıbadem-Clinlab laboratory.
Dr Serdar has organized and lectured in more than 55 courses on validation, verification, laboratory and
clinical statistics, data mining, data processing, medical education, and scientific writing.
He has published over 200 articles listed in SCIE. Dr. Serdar is a member of the IFCC's Task Force on
Outcome Studies in Laboratory Medicine (TF-OSLM). He is the clinical editor for the Turkish Journal of
Biochemistry; the head of clinical sciences at the Turkish Biochemical Society (Türk Biyokimya Derneği -
TBD)- Academy; and the head of the TBD-informatics team.

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The training day will be hosted at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Eccles St. Dublin 7. The training day is being run the day prior to the ACBI Annual conference. Full details of the venue and local accomodation can be found on the main conference event page. 


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